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Duplicate Print Titles for Cancellation (2013)

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Call Number Title
AM221 .J68 Journal of the history of collections
AP50 .C97 Current digest of the Russian press
B1 .A214 Journal of the history of philosophy
B1 .A65 American philosophical quarterly
B1 .A8 Australasian journal of philosophy
B1 .C35x Canadian journal of philosophy
B1 .D5 Dialogue; Canadian philosophical review
B1 .I2 International philosophical quarterly : IPQ
B1 .J75 Journal of the history of ideas
B1 .M65 Mind
B1 .N62 Noûs
B1 .P4 Pacific philosophical quarterly
B1 .P55 Philosophy
B1 .P573 Philosophy East & West
B1 .P59 Phronesis
B3 .A69 Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie
B843.A1 U84 Utilitas
B2750 .K3 Kant-Studien
B3310 .N63 Nietzsche-Studien
BC1 .N6 Notre Dame journal of formal logic
BF1 .P54 Psychoanalytic review
BF1 .P675 Psychological inquiry
BF38 .P44 Philosophical explorations : an international journal for the philosophy of mind and action
BF204.5 .J68 Journal of phenomenological psychology
BH3 .B75 British journal of aesthetics
BJ1 .I6 Ethics
BL2400 .J6x Journal of religion in Africa. Religion en Afrique
BM176 .J6 Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman period
BM197.5 .C66 Conservative Judaism
BR1 .H4 Harvard theological review
BR1 .I57 Interpretation
BR1 .J65 Journal of religion
BR140 .J6 Journal of ecclesiastical history
BS410 .J7 Journal of Biblical literature
BV1460 .C6 Soundings : an interdisciplinary journal
BV1460 .N23 Journal of the American Academy of Religion
BX1404 .C3 Catholic historical review
CB3 .V53 Viator
CB351 .M38 Mediaevalia
D1 .H37 Historical reflections. Réflexions historiques
D1 .H565 Historical journal
D1 .H815 History
D1 .I57x International history review
D1 .J59 Journal of interdisciplinary history
D1 .J6 Journal of modern history
D1 .L65 Historical research
D1 .P37 Past & present
D1 .S67 Russian studies in history
D51 .K65 Klio : Beiträge zur alten Geschichte
D377.A1 A5 Slavic review
D377.A1 S65 Slavonic and East European review
D1050 .C45 Central European history
DA20 .E58 English historical review
DA20 .J6 Journal of British studies
DA675 .L647 London journal
DA900 .E37 Éire-Ireland
DC1 .F69 French historical studies
DC33.9 .C66 Contemporary French civilization
DC33.9 .S57 Contemporary French and francophone studies
DD1 .G37 German history
DD1 .G382 German studies review
DF10 .H4 Hesperia
DR401 .T87 Turkish studies
DS1 .A492 Asian survey
DS1 .B85 Critical Asian studies
DS1 .M5 Middle East journal
DS1 .M58 Modern Asian studies
DS101 .J5 Jewish quarterly review
DS101 .J555 Jewish social studies
DS101 .T54 Tikkun
DS251 .I76 Iranian studies
DS501 .F274 Journal of Asian studies
DS501 .H3 Harvard journal of Asiatic studies
DS501 .J652 Journal of Southeast Asian studies
DS754 .C5332 Late imperial China = Chʻing shih wen tʻi
DS821.A1 M6 Monumenta Nipponica
DT1 .J65 Journal of African history
DT1 .J68 Journal of modern African studies
DT1 .R62 African affairs
DT751 .A4 African studies
DT1001 .J68 Journal of southern African studies
DU28 .O3 Oceania
E43 .N67 North American archaeologist
E151 .J6 Journal of American studies
E164 .J68 Journal of the early Republic
E171 .A57 American historical review
E183.7 .D48 Diplomatic history
E184.O6 A44 Amerasia journal
E185.5 .S675 Souls
E186 .E117 Early American studies
E661 .J86 Journal of the gilded age and progressive era
F146 .P65 Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography
F591 .W464 Western historical quarterly
F806 .A69 Journal of the Southwest
F851 .P33 Pacific historical review
F1201 .M584 Mexican studies = Estudios mexicanos
F1401 .H66 Hispanic American historical review
F1401 .L352 Latin American research review
F2161 .C29 Caribbean studies
G1 .J68 Journal of cultural geography
G1 .S62 Southeastern geographer
GN1 .A5 American anthropologist
GN1 .C97 Current anthropology
GN1 .P7 Anthropological quarterly
GR1 .F5 Folklore
GR1 .J8 Journal of American folk-lore
GV571 .J68 Journal of sport history
GV706.5 .S64 Sociology of sport journal
H1 .C73 Comparative studies in society and history
H1 .H5252 Historical methods
H1 .P69 Policy review
H1 .P83 Politics and society
H96 .J66 Journal of policy history : JPH
HB1 .J86 Journal of economic issues
HC59 .R45 Revue canadienne d'études du développement = Canadian journal of development studies
HC59.69 .W67 World Bank economic review
HC501 .R46 Review of African political economy
HD72 .W67 World Bank research observer
HD4811 .I65 International labour review / International Labour Office
HD5701 .J6 Journal of human resources
HD8372 .N48 International labor and working class history
HF1371 .I584 International trade statistics
HF5001 .B8262 Business history review
HM1 .A7 American journal of sociology
HM1 .A75 American sociological review
HM1 .C65 Contemporary sociology
HM1 .I56 International journal of sociology
HM1 .S683x Sociological focus
HM1 .S82 Social psychology quarterly
HM1 .T43 Teaching socioloy
HM1236 .P82 Public opinion quarterly
HN1 .I53 International review of social history / International Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam
HN1 .J6 Journal of social history
HN1 .S56 Social history
HN1 .S58 Social problems
HN51 .S5 Social forces
HQ1 .J48 Journal of marriage and the family
HQ1060 .G4 Gerontologist
HQ1075 .G44 Gender & history
HQ1101 .J68 Journal of women's history
HQ1101 .S5 Signs
HQ1101 .W89 Women's studies quarterly
HT101 .I57 International journal of urban and regional research
HT101 .U675 Urban history
HT390 .R43 Regional studies
HT401 .R94 Rural sociology
HV1 .J56 Families in society
HV1 .S6 Social service review
HV1 .S644 Social work
JA1 .J6 Journal of politics
JA1 .N48 New political science
JA4 .C35x Canadian journal of political science = Revue canadienne de science politique
JA8 .B7 British journal of political science
JN94.A1 W46 West European politics
JZ4835 .I57 International organization
JZ5511.2 .I675 International security
JZ5625 .A755 Arms control today : a publication of the Arms Control Association
K8 .A75 Harvard journal of law and gender
K12 .A9 Law and contemporary problems
L11 .C69 Comparative education review
L11 .E6 Elementary school journal
L11 .H374 Harvard educational review
L11 .J75 Journal of educational research
L11 .T42 Teachers College record
LC73 .J86 Sociology of education
ML1 .A512 Journal of the American Musicological Society
ML1 .A834 Asian music : journal of the Society for Asian Music
ML1 .C857 Computer music journal
ML1 .J693 Journal of musicology : JM
ML1 .M725 Musical quarterly
ML1 .N77 19th century music
ML1 .P69457 Popular music and society
ML5 .E18 Early music
ML5 .M6415 Journal of musicological research
ML5 .S925 Studia musicologica
ML169.8 .E15 Early music history
ML195 .E33 Eighteenth-century music
ML197 .T846 Twentieth-century music
ML199 .R48 Revista de música latinoamericana. Latin American music review
ML1699 .C35 Cambridge opera journal
ML2074 .J68 Journal of film music
ML3556 .B58 Black music research journal
MT6 .M9622 Music theory spectrum
N8 .K83 Konsthistorisk tidskrift; revy för konst och konstforskning
NA9000 .T6 Town planning review
NX587 .A6 African arts
NX587 .N54 Nka : journal of contemporary African art
P1.A1 L5 Linguistics
P11 .A565 Transactions of the American Philological Association
P87 .C73 Critical studies in media communication : CSMC
PA1 .C5 Classical philology
PA1 .C6 Classical quarterly
PA1 .C7 Classical review
PA3 .P5 Philologus
PB1 .M65 Modern language review
PC1 .R6 Romance philology
PC4001 .H7 Hispania
PD1 .J7 JEGP.  Journal of English and Germanic philology
PD1505 .S6 Scandinavian studies : publication of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study
PE1 .A57 ANQ
PE1 .Y43 Yearbook of English studies
PJ5001 .P76 Prooftexts
PJ7501 .J63 Journal of Arabic literature
PL8000 .I6 Africa
PN2 .N48 New England review
PN661 .S6 Speculum
PN1993 .H457 Film quarterly
PQ6001 .R45 Revista hispánica moderna
PQ6098.7 .C64a Bulletin of the Comediantes
PN1993 .S35 Screen
PN1995.2 .F54 Film & history
PQ7081.A1 R4 Revista iberoamericana
PN2000 .T716 Theatre survey
PR1 .E75 Essays in criticism
PN2001 .T435 New theatre quarterly : NTQ
PN2001 .T436 Theatre research international
PR1 .R4 Review of English studies
PR1 .V5 Victorian studies
PR451 .N56 Nineteenth-century literature
PR455 .S39 Scriblerian and the Kit-Cats
PR500 .V5 Victorian poetry
PR1145.A1 V52 Victorian periodicals review
PR1901 .C48 Chaucer review
PR2885 .S63 Shakespeare quarterly
PR3579 .M47 Nineteenth-century contexts
PS149 .L43 Legacy
PS153.J4 S78 Studies in American Jewish literature
PS370 .S87 Studies in American fiction
PS3545.I544 Z957 William Carlos Williams review
Q1 .A5 American journal of science
Q1 .B855 British journal for the history of science
Q1 .P55 Philosophy of science
Q1 .S413 Science news
Q11 .N26 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Q175 .B787 British journal for the philosophy of science
QA1 .A515 American mathematical monthly
QA1 .J95 Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik
QA1 .P3x Pacific journal of mathematics
QA1 .Q22 Quarterly journal of mathematics
QA276.A1 S73 Statistical science
QB1 .A4 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
QC30 .P48 Physics teacher
QD71 .A6 Applied spectroscopy
QE701 .P153 Palaios
QH1 .A277 BioScience
QH301 .B38 Biological bulletin
QH301 .B618 Biometrika
QH301 .Q3 Quarterly review of biology
QH540 .E3 Ecology
QH541.5.S3 M26 Marine ecology progress series
QK1 .B54 American journal of botany
QK95 .S97 Systematic botany
QK600 .M8 Mycologia
QP351 .J65 Journal of neuroscience
QP360 .B425 Behavioral and brain sciences
R11 .B93 Bulletin of the history of medicine
R11 .J687 Journal of health and social behavior
S1 .A16 Agricultural history
S946 .E54 Journal of environmental education
SB469 .L34x Landscape journal
Z465.7 .A35 African book publishing record
Z1236 .R47 Reviews in American history