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Center for Research Libraries (CRL)

Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries makes available more than 4.5 million publications, archives, and collections and one million digital resources to its members libraries to supplement their own humanities, science, and social science holdings. Center materials can be obtained for extended loan periods and at no cost by users affiliated with member libraries. In most cases, items requested from CRL should arrive within one week and items that can be delivered electronically should arrive in one or two business days.

The Center’s resources include:

For a broad overview of CRL's collections, consult their Topic Guides.

Search the CRL Catalog

To identify materials at CRL, please search their online catalog.
(Not everything in the CRL collection is cataloged. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact a reference librarian,, and we'll find out for you.)

Request materials from CRL

Place your request using Vassar Libraries' interlibrary loan forms. (Please make a note on the ILL request form that you found this item at CRL. Also, most items in the CRL Catalog list an OCLC#, e.g. OCLC # 11502875, and including this number on the ILL request form will help us to expedite the processing of your request.)

Questions about CRL?

If you have any questions about CRL, please ask a research librarian ( or talk to the librarian liaison for your academic department or program. This is a new program for us, so we're learning about it too, but we will consult with CRL staff as necessary to answer your questions.