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Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

The Library will attempt to provide special services to all students registered with the campus Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity to meet the specific needs of each person. Students with physical or learning disabilities are encouraged to consult Accessibility and Educational Opportunity early in their college career to arrange for library services. Library personnel will work with students to resolve any difficulties or problems that might arise.

Access to the Library Building

There is an ID-card-accessible entrance with an interior lift on the north side of the building. Card access for members of the Vassar Community may be arranged through Accessibility and Educational Opportunity. All persons who are not members of the Vassar Community should use the wall-mounted intercom to speak to staff at the Circulation & Reserves Desk who will come to open the door and unlock the lift.

There are accessible restrooms, media equipment, and a Kurzweil reader in the Library. Quiet space can be provided in the library or library staff can arrange with Accessibility and Educational Opportunity for alternative quiet space.

Assistance With Research

When the college is in session, a student assistant is available to help retrieve books, read reference materials, select research materials from paper or electronic indexes, photocopy or enlarge articles, assist with the use of the Kurzweil reader, or provide any other help that might be needed. Contact Accessibility and Educational Opportunity to arrange for the student assistant's services at ex. 7584.

The student may request help with research for term papers. The Research Services phone number is x5766. Requests may be sent via e-mail to

Circulation Services

The following services are available through the Circulation & Reserves Desk:

  • Paging of books upon request (please allow ample time)
  • Extension of loan periods when necessary.
  • Loan of non-circulating materials when warranted.
  • Renewal of loans by phone.
  • Arrangements for others, including assistants from the community, to borrow materials for the student
  • Suspension of fines and other penalties when warranted
  • Extension of loans of reserve materials and renewals of reserve materials by phone

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