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Video Collection

What is in the Video Collection?

Our video collection includes DVDs, video cassettes (VHS), and laser discs.  Videos in the Thompson (Main) Library are located outside the Class of '51 Reading Room on the second floor; videos on Reserve can be requested at the Circulation & Reserves Desk.  In the Music Library, videos can be paged from the Music Library Circulation Desk.

How Do I Find Videos in Our Collection?

Search the online catalog for a keyword, title, or subject.  Choose Videos from the pulldown menu to search within the video collection.

What are the Loan Periods and Late Fees for Videos?

For information on loan periods and late fees see the Reserves webpage.

Where Do I Pick Up a Recalled Video?

If you recalled a video and it is waiting for you at the Library, go to the Circulation & Reserves Desk.  Please note that, if you are unable to pick up your item within 3 days, it will be returned to the shelf.

How Do I Order Audiovisual Material for Our Collection?

Faculty and students may suggest videos to support their work be ordered for the collection by using the Video order form.

How Do I Book Videos for Classroom Use?

Faculty who wish to schedule a video for classroom use should complete this form: Video Screening Form.

All videos must be picked up from the Reserves Office (Room 164, located off the hallway behind the Library Classroom 160), open Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How Do I Put Videos on Reserve?

Place videos on reserve for a course using the Reserve Form.

Videos on reserve for a course are limited to a shorter circulation period (4 hours vs. 1 day), and their circulation is limited to students and faculty (not staff and administrators).

If you plan to host a class screening, you must also fill out a Video Screening Form in order to ensure that it will be available for the screening.